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What is right for you - LLC vs C Corporation?

When it comes to choosing a legal entity for their business, almost all small business owners choose either a limited liability company or a c corp.
Find out which entity type is the right one for your business

Comparison - LLC vs C Corp


Taxation & Liability


More flexibility in how you manage and run your business; the board of directors are not required. You can add unlimited owners.

Limited liability for founders.

Can choose between being taxed as a partnership or corporation, whichever can help minimize taxes

LLCs can't go public and difficult to raise funds or investment. LLCs cannot participate in tax-free reorganizations.


Preferred by companies that plan to raise investment or go public one day. You can issue shares to founders, employees, and investors.

Recognized internationally

C corporation shareholders are not subject to self-employment taxes on the corporation’s income. Can participate in tax-free reorganizations.

Less management flexibility; must have a board of directors

More structured with strict rules about holding meetings and keeping records

C Corp

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What is an LLC?

What is a C Corporation?

A great choice for e-commerce stores, bootstrapped startups, and small online projects. LLCs offer limited liability for founders, simple structure, and ease of management.

Ideal for businesses seeking to raise venture capital. C Corporations also provide limited liability for founders. The ownership of the company is expressed in shares of stock. 

Can't decide which is the right business structure?

Take the quiz and find the right structure for your business. Tell us about the number of members, future goals and more and we will recommend the right structure for your company. 

Frequently asked questions

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Will open a business bank account for my new company?

Sure thing. A business bank account opening is part of our package. Our current partner bank is Mercury. 

Can I connect PayPal or Stripe to the Mercury account?

Yes. You can connect payment gateways such as Stripe or PayPal to your Mercury account to receive merchant payments.

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Unlike competitive services, takes care of everything — business formation, bank accounts, tax advisory, and everything in between. We are building a tech-enabled, customer-centric service that combines automation and human touch to scale your overall experience.

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